Since the advent of our brand, IMIM skincare has emphasized the importance of neck skin care in the personal anti-aging process. When learning that the brand you love is giving back to charity ballet for every beauty investment you have been made, we are sure that you can't be more satisfied.

Charity ballet is funded for those who dream of having an elegant swan neck like a real ballet dancer. Once the ballet lover is approved, we will provide scholarships to purchase ballet costumes and textbooks, take ballet lessons, go for further ballet study or provide other help you may need according to individual circumstances.

Initiated by Charles, IMIM Skincare's brand R & D director, it was officially launched on December 9, 2018, and has benefited thousands of people around the world.

Our charity vision: hope everyone has a beautiful swan neck


The sister of the IMIM Skincare brand founder, Alysia, is an active lady in the high society of the United States. She is beautiful, charming and confident. Until 45 years old, she suddenly discovered that due to negligent care of the neck skin, her neck was covered with fine lines, lacking moisture and elasticity. Even if the face skin is still moist and shiny, it is difficult to hide aging. Alysia became depressed. Since then, she no longer attends the party of the ladies, rarely contacts with the outside world, and loses her past happiness.

In order to help Alysia be relieved from depression, IMIM Skincare started to develop neck skincare products. After tens of thousands of trials, we finally developed a neck cream that traces youth. This neck cream has a magical effect on lightening fine lines, firming skin and hydrating. It makes Alysia's neck skin smooth and firm, regaining her former confidence.

Can I sign up for this event?

As long as you are a true ballet lover or have studied ballet, you can register with us via email

What do I need to register for the project?

You need to provide 5 HD photos related to ballet (at least 2 photos of ballet dancers) or a video of watching a ballet live performance. Email us via Once we receive the email, our charity ballet members will conduct qualification review and screen.