For the past several years, IMIM Skincare has been integrating artificial intelligence
into digital media in order to reach busy consumers behind the scenes,
find out their real needs and develop personalized products accordingly.

Meanwhile, IMIM Skincare has been continuously increasing investment in researching on
the best "Active Oxygen Extraction" (aoe) technology.
* In 2018, the herb's effective utilization rate was increased from 19% to 81%,
even its antioxidant capacity was increased by 65%. 
We have been and will continue to evolve and innovate. Judging from the current results, we launched
faster-working product, improving on the brand's guarantee of visible results within 28 days.


No Parabens.

No Phthalates.

No Mineral Oils.


Sourced from pollution-free ecosystems, our superior organic herbs are hand-harvested in an effort to

maintain their raw uniqueness, potency, dynamic properties

and help support their sustainability for future generations to come.


We also focus on impacting the environment minimally as we create our cutting-edge formulas.

This further expresses our belief in the balance between nature and science.



We involve and unite (clients, partners, companies that share the same vision of sustainability) in order to

imagine and shape a more beautiful and responsible world together.