It all started with a warming intention to help Charles' sister.

    Founder and the product formulator Charles, who is widely regarded as one of the most respected and sought-after skincare pioneers in the beauty industry, uses his extensive skincare knowledge to deliver elaborate yet highly effective treatments for his sister even other elegant ladies who suffer from aging.

    As a brand that is revered by clients nowadays, IMIM Skincare's range is constantly evolving, with the aim of delivering radiant, healthy skin for everyone.


    IMIM Skincare is a professional and effective anti-aging skin care brand.

    Scientifically balanced blend of organic herbs delivers exceptional hydration and optimal healing effect to the skin. Cooperate with our unique "Active Oxygen Extraction" (aoe) technology gives you the best skin treatment.

    That is how IMIM Skincare products activate your skin from within.

    IMIM Skincare has spent a lot of time researching the best "Active Oxygen Extraction" (aoe) technology. In 2018, the plant's effective utilization rate was increased from 19% to 81%, even its antioxidant capacity was increased by 65%. Successfully obtained the key to delay skin aging.


    "Using my maximum potential to create a more beautiful you" is the purpose of IMIM Skincare global skincare R&D center.

    We have committed and actively participated in the beauty career throughout our lives, so that more people have beautiful and confident smiles and appearances.