Product Authenticity

You’re serious about your skin. We are too.

IMIM Skincare are developed and administered by a team of skilled medical professionals trained. In order to give you the best care and effective treatment plans, all products are manufactured in the USA from the highest quality, globally sourced ingredients. 

Our Formulation

Our formulations are helping to change the way people perceive skincare and the results it can deliver. IMIM Skincare brand balances a serious, scientific, efficacious function with the aspirational appeal of beauty products. This clinical, aspirational balance is reflected in all products.

 IMIM Skincare drives innovation globally. In fact, we are now available in many countries worldwide and growing. It is through our global networks we are able to stay ahead of skincare trends and deliver cutting edge formulations reflective of consumer needs.
IMIM Skincare does not offer its products through individuals, street vendors, internet auctions or unauthorized online retailers.  When a product is purchased from an unauthorized retailer, IMIM Skincare cannot guarantee the authenticity, safety, quality and efficacy of the product. Additionally, the IMIM Skincare 100% money-back guarantee is not applicable.
The websites listed below, who claim to sell IMIM Skincare products, have NO relationship with IMIM Skincare and are NOT Authorized Retailers.

  • Overstock – NOT Authorized
  • eBay – NOT Authorized
  • Walmart – NOT Authorized
  • FaceMedix – NOT Authorized
  • Poshmark – NOT Authorized
  • PsyDuckOnline – NOT Authorized
  • – NOT Authorized

*Please ensure you always receive authentic, high-quality IMIM Skincare products by purchasing exclusively from Authorized IMIM Skincare Professionals and Retailers.